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Hi, I am so happy that you have found my site. 

My name is Mara I am a qualified Herbalist, Juice Therapist and Naturopathic Chef, who has always had a passion for healthy living and feeling good. 

I was born and raised in the uk, growing up I have always been surrounded by good food and my Jamaican mother made sure of that, with 7 seven daughters she seen it her duty to make sure that we all knew what 'real food' really was.  Jamaica  being a beautiful natural island in the sun has always had a culture where juices, herbs, fruits and good greens are at the heart of life. Where remedies and recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Surrounded by all these beautiful natural wonders has led me into a life long path of business and education. I grew and had a desire to travel, explore and get up close and personal with natures wonders from all over the earth. Traveling with my family and later my own children to many far afield  places from Sri Lanka to Gambia, Cambodia, Bali and of course Jamaica to name a few,  I got to experience and learn from the ground up which has given me a beautiful understanding to compliment my many years of study. 

My knowledge and experience this led me to found my own company I Am Nature , where we make our products to compliment and heal from a holistic prospective. Born out of a life long love for all things natural, all things beautiful.

I hope my website will encourage you to try new dishes and learn new things, all inspired by the beauty of nature. My site is a journey into the world of wellbeing, from health and beauty, food, travel and lifestyle. making it work for a modern day life, bringing nature, happiness and science together. Enjoy


Love Mara x

Mara Kintara | Natural Chef
Mara Kintara | Wellness
Mara Kintara | Smoothies
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