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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Simple and tasty this is the perfect thing to get you through that midday hunger. seeded bread, smooth beet humous topped off with rocket and a healthy serving of creamy avocado


Beetroot Houmous

1 can chickpeas rinsed and drained

1 medium cooked beetroot

2 cloves of garlic

Zest and juice from 1 lemon

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Handful of rocket

Half avocado

1 slice of bread


1. Place your cooked beetroot in to a food processor. Blend until only small bits remain.

2. Add remaining ingredients except for olive oil and blend until smooth.

3. Drizzle in olive oil as the hummus is mixing.

4. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed, adding more salt, lemon juice, or olive oil if needed. If it’s too thick, add a bit of water

5. Lightly toast the bread

6. On top of your bread smother a healthy serving of the already made beetroot humous followed by a handful of rocket, half an avocado and salt and pepper.

Enjoy x


Store in a fridge for up to one week

Store in freezer for 1 month


If you did, I would love to hear and see how it went. Tag me on my instagram @mara_kintara

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